Mozz Guard Reviews | What is it?

Mozz Guard is a device that claims to kill mosquitoes and other bugs using a purple LED light and an electric coil. It is also a rechargeable lantern that can be used for camping or outdoor activities. It is advertised as a natural and safe way to get rid of insects without using chemicals or sprays.

Features Of Mozz Guard

Mozz Guard has several features that make it a versatile and convenient device for getting rid of insects. Some of the features are:

Purple LED light: Mozz Guard uses a purple LED light that emits a wavelength of 365 nm, which is attractive to mosquitoes and other bugs. The light lures them to the device, where they get zapped by the electric coil.

Electric coil: It has an electric coil that delivers a 1000V high voltage zap to the insects that touch it. The coil kills the bugs instantly and effectively, without any chemicals or fumes.

Rechargeable battery: Mozz Guard has a 2000 mAh battery that can last for up to 20 hours when fully charged. You can charge it with a type C micro-USB charger that comes with the product. It also has a light indicator that turns green when it is fully charged.

Adjustable brightness: It has a knob that allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED light according to your preference. You can dim the light for a night-light mode, or brighten it for a camping lantern mode.

Hook and stand: Mozz Guard has a hook on the top that allows you to hang it from a rope, a branch, a pole, or any other suitable place. You can also set it upright on a flat surface if you prefer.

Weatherproof design: It is designed to withstand rain, cold, snow, or extreme heat. It can work in any weather condition and any season.

Protective grid: Mozz Guard has two layers of protective grid that prevent your fingers or pets from touching the electric coil. It is safe to use around children and animals.

Removable tray: It has a removable tray at the bottom that collects the dead bugs. You can easily empty the tray into the bin and wipe it with a cloth or a brush.

Is Mozz Guard safe for pets and children?

According to the product description, Mozz Guard is supposed to be safe for pets and children because it does not use any chemicals, fumes, or UV light that could harm them. It also works on a low voltage and has an electric coil that is unreachable by hand.